Richwoods R-VII School District
Partnering to Achieve Wildcat Success
Smiling female student poses in a playground

School Activities & Athletics

At Richwoods R-VII School, education and inspiring does not only take place inside the classroom. We believe that another important aspect of student life is being involved extracurricular activities and athletics. These opportunities to get involved outside the classroom allow students time to interact with their peers who share similar interests in a fun and always encouraging setting.

So Many Choices

We’ve designed our extracurricular activities program to meet our students’ leisure, recreational, social, and emotional interests and needs. Each activity has a duly appointed, board-approved sponsor, advisor, or coach. We offer a variety of extracurricular programs, including:

  • Student Council
  • Title I tutoring
  • Girls and boys basketball
  • Girls volleyball
  • Track
  • Archery

If your child is interested in getting involved, please contact his/her classroom teacher for more information.